Shoprider GK-9 mobility scooter

The GK9 is the mid-sized Shoprider take-apart scooter. It is faster, has a longer range and more power than the GK8 Chameleon - but is still considerably lighter than the GK10.

Cameo shares many features with its siblings, including no-flat foam-filled tires, easy disassembly, and a remarkably light weight for its size.

The battery splits into two parts, each with its own handle, and can be charged on or off the scooter.

The control panel has a large illuminated battery gauge so you should never get caught with inadequate charge. It also contains the key switch, maximum speed knob and the horn button. Underneath is the throttle control.

The front bumper and rear anti-tip wheels prevent the bodywork getting scratched, bumped and scraped.

The basket can be lifted off and the tiller quickly folded down. The steering is easily locked to stop the wheels turning when loading the scooter.


Weight capacity: 300lbs
Weight: 123lbs
Power: 0.75hp
Maximum speed: 7kph/4.4mph
Batteries: 2x21ah
Distance on one charge:
(dependant on terrain and load)
Approximately 20km/12mi
Turning radius: 115cm/45”
Safe climbing gradient:
(dependant on load)