Shoprider 888sln mobility scooter

The Explorer is a mid-size scooter with all the features we have come to expect from the experts at Shoprider. Recent improvements to the Explorer include the addition of turn signals and an upgrade to Shoprider’s delta-style tiller.

Full four wheel suspension and pneumatic tires ensure a smooth ride. The seat slides forward and backward, and offers adjustable arm width, back angle and headrest height. The arms can fold up and the seat can swivel, to make getting on and off the scooter easy and comfortable.

A large chrome front bumper not only looks good but protects the finish from scuffs and scrapes. It also carries one of the scooter’s multiple tie-down points, ideal for securing the scooter in vehicles.

As well as the newly added turn signals, the Explorer is equipped with front and rear lights for evening and night-time visibility.

The new delta tiller brings all the major controls together into one place. A line of bright red LEDs indicates remaining charge. Other tiller mounted controls include an easy-to-use maximum speed dial and a number of buttons which are easily identified by their primary colours: Blue for headlights, yellow for horn and a red triangle for the hazard lights.


Weight capacity: 300lbs
Weight: 218lbs
Power: 0.87hp
Maximum speed: 8kph/5mph
Batteries: 2x50ah
Distance on one charge:
(dependant on terrain and load)
Approximately 32km/20miles
Turning radius: 146cm/58”
Safe climbing gradient:
(dependant on load)